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The pearl of the archipelago

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Camp site with a sea view

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KITTUIS Camping's unique location on a cape, right by the sea, makes our destination interesting for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of the Åboland archipelago. Since we are also located right by the Archipelago Ring Road, we are a fantastic overnight spot for those traveling around the ring road.

On the camping ground, there is also a lovely café which is worth a visit also for non-accommodating guests as the views are lovely and we offer a great variety of tasty products. Come visit us as you wait for the ferry, you won´t regret it. 

Feel-good camping with a sea view

KITTUIS Camping is located on the island of Houtskär, which is one of the thousands of islands in the Åboland archipelago. The Åboland archipelago is a unique travel destination where the free ferries and connecting boats provide an opportunity for everyone to experience the archipelago and its island kingdom by sea. Houtskär can be reached by free ferries, and KITTUIS Camping is located right next to the ferry terminal. KITTUIS Camping offers small-scale accommodation on a beautiful cape. The site features both cliffs and sandy beaches, beautiful archipelago pines, and opportunities for nature experiences in a peaceful environment. The area has five cottages and eight caravan spots.

In addition, there are nice tent sites for those traveling with tents.  On the premises, there is a kiosk and café located in a wonderful and unique spot where you can see the ferry coming and going, but also large majestic cruise ships passing by daily. Despite this, the water area right next to KITTUIS Camping is very peaceful.

KITTUIS Camping got new owners in 2023 who have renovated the café, kiosk, cottages, and terrace. Our vision is to offer a feel-good camping area where, in addition to beautiful views, there is also comfortable accommodation and a café of good quality.